Monday, June 6, 2011

I almost forgot!

What people are saying about lolitas are all MISUNDERSTANDINGS.
Lolita is a japanese fashion style and lifestyle.
Just wanted to clear things up(:
Well then have a good day

Angelic Pretty

I LOVE Angelic Pretty!
it's one of my favorite lolita brands.
Here are some pictures:
Sweet Lolita Japanese art by Angelic Pretty, featured in Gothic & Lolita Bible.
Angelic Pretty sweet lolita clothing from Tokyo, Japan.
Angelic Pretty art and graphics from sweet lolita online shop.
Gothic and sweet Lolita drawings, artwork, paintings.


My name is Usagii (fake name) and i am 14 years old.
I am gonna write about lolita fashion (and other japanese fashion).
Im not an lolita but i have wanted to become one about in 2 years XD.I didn't have any confidence to tell my parents but yesterday i thought to myself ''If i am not me then who am i?''
So i stopped being afraid to be myself and told my mom that i wanted to become an lolita and her answer was:
''If you like it then it's ok''.
So i have been afraid for two years for nothing!
The point is... JUST BE YOURSELF!!
Because if you're not you then your no one.
i am gonna start blogging today i hope you have a good time on my blog(:
//usagii :3